The light

Life is short .Happens to give chances to become a great leader in all of his responsibility .Therefore, a great human being that worship Allah will always seeks for knowledge and obey him in any matter that accure in his life .That’s why the “Jannah” is very expensive for those who give a lot of effort to reach it.

As an undergraduate, everyone of us must always aware that knowledge is light to a brighten life. First and for most, as one of my lecturer’s said that

 “ابداء الاخلاص النية لله تعالى لفهم العلم”
 Ustaz Doktor Abdul Karim,

That means that start with an sincere intention because Allah taalla to understand knowledge. Yeah ,obviously that was totally right. Anyone that help His Ddin,InsyaAllah will be help by him .

There’s no doubt about it. I like all of his word that give me realize that as His slave ,one must be a determined person to archive an excellent result not just in the paper of this world examination but the world after of course .InsyaAllah.. With all of difficulties and attemptions that have been given to us, sometimes we couldn’t think wisely for a simple solution and keep arguing each other and complaining about the “Bad luck” that was given. Stop complaining and start finding solution and in the end everyone wins.

I want to become a new person that can benefit others ,my Ad-Din, My beloved Mother and Father, family and friends. Always think that Allah will always see what we are doing now ,tomorrow and the day after.

Ya allah ,We pray to you for a good knowledge, stay in our hearts ,beneficial to others ,loving the prophet with all of our heart, always in the right path of your Din, become a good slave to you every day, and the good ending to our life. Amin Ya Robb..

P/s:MUET is around the corner..Freaking OUT!..Ya allah,help me pass this exam.Any grammatical error??hehe..So,lets improve our English(oh,my English!) and Arabic(oh,my Arabic!)..First week in lecture has pass..ilalliqo’..maas salamat…


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