It's time to push yourself beyond your expectation.

This week was really busy.With grafic assignments,presentations and more..But alhamdulillah,its great with some of knowledge that I've got at the Kejohanan Debat Piala Naib Cancelor besides tons of experience to keep into my memory.Yeah i'm entered as a English Debater. Althought my English is not too good as other,but i think i need to push myself into another level than i expected.Well,guess what?Do i do great!!haha..

Its not terrible but now i know and understand why my Faculty didn't send any debater for English.There was a big gape in pronunciation and ideas that's need to be improved into the students in my faculty.With lack of how to debate,ideas,and elements in debate for two time in a row,WE LOSE. "The judge say "The Proposal for today REJECTED".hehe..

But for me it's not the very important thing here but how u turn to be after the debate is more important.Confidence level,great in critical thinking,and also corporation between yourself with the team members is what that i really have learn.Sometimes i thing i was missing something in my old self.But after this debate,alhamdulillah..yes! i've got it back.

Losing two times in a row does't bother me at all. Haha . doesn't bother?,no~~!!..It's bother me will be lying if i say so.Well,its it's kinda okay for me because we didn't have any trainer and all of us didin't have any experience in debate.So for the Losing time we learn and get anything that can be possible to  improved ouself in the next round..hehe

When there's will there will always a way.Subahanallah,the next day with a new spirit and a very very very good feeling we've WON two times in a row..hehe..The feeling was just like i'm flying into the sky with wings..weeeee~~. Haha. Nonsense!.In the end we just can got throw the quater semi final versus FST(FAKULTI SAINS  TEKNOLOGI) and lose by them.That time my heart beat was like someone who got a heart attcak.Freaking out when debating.But with Doa',its become calm again.Hehe..

So what if we lose?it is matter?No no no.I still feel that we have done a good job and winning for ourself.Besides we can use the time to continue the assignment right?.Its a best feeling when you lose but still can be smiling happily .Thank u to my beloved father mother and family that always support me and also my precious friend..

To be more excellent,one must expect something beyond their level and expectation.Therefore they have the guts to become stronger and better in the future.Don't be a scary cat and kick the shy problem attitude into a reasonable place.I'm alegrha and this is my story.

Waiting for the motion to be realised with my team member/classmate fasiah,kak badriah and junior singapore girl..I hate the motion in theme of politic!it's hard....hehe

My classmates Laila and Moktar In Malay debate along with Kak Leng and Fitriah..Awesome~

This kids was very friendly toward us.I liked them very much.Bitaufiq wan najah u guys..The entered the semi final. ~_~

congratulation!!i didn't actually who win but anyway good job everyone. 


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