9.59 pm 31/12/2012

The empty have become full,
Eyes fill with laziness,
My gun and shield I put it aside,
Facing the one in a kind friend,
What will be the end of tonight’s story.

Just like a dream,
Passing by trough deep dark night,
Scary and lonely,
But pass for a moment.

The devil seems to satisfy his victory,
Nor I or they know what will happen,
Cause the only one who knows everything,
Keep it as a secret,
HE knows best and gives best.

The destiny waits for the Green one,
Even though the light lose,
But the dark will never win forever,
Cause now the loss is climbing,
To have the trophy and keep it,
For themselves and never be shown.

The sound of talkative people,
Can’t hear or see,
Tomorrow’s destiny didn’t concern them,
It’s only about them and time,
Forget their purpose,
Bigger and heavier than any creature,
Don’t ever forget the declaration
The word you’ve given,
Proven it till the One took the precious,
On You....


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