Feeling Angry Bird

Ya allah GUIDE me and FORGIVE ME
This weak servant with this world,
Give me hidayah to fight it well and never loss.
You are enough for me.

Treat someone just the way you want to be treated.It's really unfair I think if we as a muslim know that we must always treat everyone kindly patient but full of hikmah when comment their black side but unfortunately treat them harsh and didn't respect what are they talking about.

As a human being we obviously want everybody respect us like human being also not because of our advantage or extraordinary talent that they aim to but just a HUMAN BEING.It is so hard to do that?.

GIVE and TAKE.What we give to someone we will get it back."Believe it"..

Forgiving someone before they ask to.InsyaAllah with our wide open heart we will find more of the sweetness of iman itself.Many advantage that we will get especially being loved by everyone around and comfortable fitting in to other.

Allah love his servant that are strong than weak.And the definition of strong?Someone who can fight his own anger,always be patient to other because GIVE IN doesnt mean LOSING but a bonus to gain more good rewards extravaganza in our long journey in the padang masyar further.Insyaallah.So lets be patient!

Patient freedom peace.Calm our own anger.Fight with our BAZOKA PATIENT bullet and shoot perfectly so they will die and completly vanished in our Nafsi.Dont ever allow it to grow even smaller than bacteria because oneday when it really grow stronger it will become a dangerous VIRUS to our Ukwah in life 

No thing is hard but People who make it one.Think positive live with honour DIE with IMAN.
Flexible your heart~~

Allahu AKBAR,nothing can be happen without your " كن فيكون" Ya ALLAH..Finding your REDHO' aim to our life in this world..


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